A Love Almost Lost

She pulled up the drive, and as she got out,

I said to myself, “There is no doubt,

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.

This woman before me will be my wife.”

Campfire stories and fun four wheeling,

The loose grip on my shirt feeling.

“You better hold on with all of your might.

Our ride begins, starting tonight.”

Wrapping her arms tight around my waist

After full throttle she got her first taste.

I promised to love her till the day that I die.

I put a ring on her finger with no wonder why.

Our love grew stronger and her heart I won,

So she blessed my world and gave me a son.

After many years had come and gone

Something had happened, something went wrong.

Why did we let things get so tough?

Why were our words so harsh and rough?

When she left that night, I died inside.

My anger built up and fueled my pride.

I thought it was over and wanted it so.

I thought it was time to let her go.

The lyrics of Tritt echoed as I hit the floor,

“I’m tired of pretending I don’t love you anymore.”

The tears flowing like a hurricane rain,

The heart I have, feeling so much pain.

I let “the one” walk out of my life,

The one I was once proud to call my wife.

Oh, what I would give to feel her touch,

Hold her in my arms and kiss her so much.

Make love to her like it was my last.

If only we could let go of the past.

Moving forward I will make it right.

I will not give up the hardest fight

To set out and accomplish our new found goals,

To defeat the demons within our souls.

We will overcome our flaws and our fears,

Even if it means shedding more tears.

My life without her I now have seen.

An empty throne beside me that belongs to my Queen.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-love-almost-lost